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The Colli of Bergamo Park includes a huge area between Almè, Bergamo, Mozzo,Paladina,Ponteranica, Ranica, Sorisole,Torre Boldone and Villa d’Almè. The Park covers around 4,700 hectares and has a wide range of elevations from 244 to 1,146 meters high.

Established in 1977 in order to prevent the area and to make the relation between nature and human being more valuable (L.R.n. 36 of 18.August 1977), it is the third biggest regional park after the Ticino and Groane parks.

 The park’s landscape varies excitingly with a wide range of different areas, including hills and mountains.

The territory has physically and morphologically different aspects and includes relevant natural and architectural beauties, such as the reserve of Giongo and the old town (Città Alta).

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